SIP, Innovative Combustion Technology,  "Gasoline Combustion Team

Research and Development of Super-Lean Burn Combustion for High Efficiency SI Engines

The "Innovative Combustion Technology" program, a national project is established under the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan as a part of the" Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)". The "Gasoline Combustion Team" is one of teams of the "Innovative Combustion Technology" program.This website is to introduce the research and development activities of the "Gasoline Combustion Team."

The "Gasoline Combustion Team" is comprised of Keio University as a Leader university and 29 universities as a Cluster university. Upon agreement with the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), we have been conducting the research on the "Super-Lean Burn for Gasoline Engines" with a support of the Research Association of Automotive Internal Combustion Engines (AICE) under the strong industry, academia and government collaboration.

We take both scientific and technological approaches to innovative combustion technologies to realize the "Super- Lean Low Temperature Combustion", targeting a thermal efficiency of 50%.

Project Professor Norimasa Iida

Team Leader
Project Professor Norimasa Iida
Keio University, Graduate school of science and technology


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Report of COMODIA2017

The 9th International Conference on Modeling and Diagnostics for Advanced Engine Systems (COMODIA2017) 25th-28th July, 2017 Okayama Convention Center Registration number of participants (Overseas): 279(95) Number of papers (Overseas):98(41) (SIP Gasoline combustion team:10) There were a lot of participants from Japan and overseas. I have believed tha...

SIP common gasoline surrogate compositio・・・

The Gasoline Combustion Team under the Innovative Combustion Technology (ICT) of Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program(SIP) has proposed and used gasoline surrogate fuels with the following features for the research. 1. Capable of emulating the basic combustion properties of gasoline on the market 2. Available in future, stable supply and easy handling 3. Capable of developing reliable combustion kinetic mechanisms A proposed five-component surrogate fuels have bee...

Gasoline surrogate detailed kinetic mode・・・

We have released "Gasoline-surrogate detailed kinetic model revision 1.0 (SIP-Gd1.0) "and "Gasoline surrogate reduced kinetic model revision 1.0 (SIP-Gr1.0)". They are a part of outcomes of the research conducted by the Gasolie Combustion Team for the SIP's Innovative Combustion Technology program. These mechanisms are applicable to common five-component surrogate fuels, which are used for experiments and validation for this project. These surrogate fuels are verified to emulate the basic com...

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