SIP, Innovative Combustion Technology,  "Gasoline Combustion Team

Gasoline surrogate detailed kinetic model revision 1.0 (SIP-Gd1.0) and reduced reaction mechanism revision 1.0 (SIP-Gr1.0)

We have released “Gasoline-surrogate detailed kinetic model revision 1.0 (SIP-Gd1.0) “and “Gasoline surrogate reduced kinetic model revision 1.0 (SIP-Gr1.0)”. They are a part of outcomes of the research conducted by the Gasolie Combustion Team for the SIP’s Innovative Combustion Technology program.
These mechanisms are applicable to common five-component surrogate fuels, which are used for experiments and validation for this project. These surrogate fuels are verified to emulate the basic combustion characteristics of the practical gasoline, such as autoignition properties and burning velocity.
Although reference literature describes details of compositions and constituents, not only basic combustion properties of each constituent but also combustion properties as mixture are validated for this project in cooperation with affiliated universities. There still exists areas for continued improvement for these mechanisms; however, these models are to be released as a revision 1.0 upon completion of the validation at a cetrtain level. By releasing this revision 1.0, we expect to obtain some suggestions and inputs for further improvement from users when our reaction mechanisms are utilized for research projects including testing.

[1] Akira Miyoshi ・Sakai Yasuyuki , Construction of a detailed kinetic model for gasoline surrogate mixtures,
JSAE Annual Congress Spring 2017, Technical Session Program, From May 24, 2017 to May 26, 2017, Yokohama, Japan

Akira Miyoshi, Hiroshima University
SIP, Innovative Combustion Technology, Gasoline Combustion Team
May 30, 2017

Gasoline surrogate detailed kinetic model revision 1.0 (SIP-Gd1.0) and reduced reaction mechanism revision 1.0 (SIP-Gr1.0)

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