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New control algorithm for improving thermal efficiency with knock probability constraint


It is important to prevent knock phenomenon in the case where improving thermal efficiency by adjusting spark advance cyclically. In this study, the control algorithm provides the maximum thermal efficiency under the constraint of knock probability by combining the extremum seeking method for thermal efficiency and maximal likelihood-based control for knock probability.

Xun Shen
Xun Shen
Sophia University

Details of contents:
Published in Xun Shen, Yahui Zhang, Tielong Shen, and Chanyut Khajorntraidet, Spark Advance Self Optimization with Knock Probability Threshold for Lean-Burn Operation Mode of SI engine, Energy, Vol.122,pp 1-10, 2017.


This is a good case study to show the potential in efficiency improvement with on-board cyclic control, and as academic contribution, it has been shown that advanced mathematics might provide opportunity for creating innovative ECU algorithm.

Tielong Shen Sophia University Professor