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World-first development and validation of SGS combustion model in a pressure rising condition


The fractal dynamic SGS (FDSGS) combustion model is validated using DNS results of turbulent flame in a confined vessel, and an approach for extension of the model applicability for gasoline engines is proposed.

Rie Yamada
Rie Yamada
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Details of contents:
Rie Yamada, Yuzuru Nada, Katsuhiro Hiraoka, Basmil Yenerdag, Yuki Minamoto, Masayasu Shimura, Mamoru Tanahashi:Development of fractal dynamic SGS combustion model for turbulent premixed combustion in a constant volume vessel, the 30th proceedings of the symposium on computational fluid dynamics, 1-4 (2016)


To improve accuracy of HINOCA which is under development in Innovation Combustion Technology of SIP, the development of the highly accurate SGS combustion model is necessary. In previous researches, the development and validation of turbulent combustion models have been conducted in constant pressure conditions. In this study, to apply the FDSGS combustion model, which has been developed by authors, for LES of gasoline engines, the world-first validation of SGS combustion model is conducted in the pressure-rising combustion field. In addition, considering the model will be used in HINOCA, an approach for simple implementation of physical quantities in the model was proposed by using temperature of unburned mixture and pressure every moment. This approach strongly contributes to high speed computation of HINOCA.

Mamoru Tanahashi Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor