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SIP detailed reaction model perfectly predicts the ignition characteristics of real gasolines !


In this study, a new high-pressure shock tube was developed to measure long ignition delays at low-temperature oxidation region where is important to understand and prevent knocking (Fig.1). Using the shock tube, ignition delay times for real gasolines were measured in a wide temperature range. The ignition delays for SIP common regular gasoline SGR (filled symbols in Fig.2) were in good agreement with those for the corresponding surrogate fuel S5R (open symbols in Fig. 2). The ignition delays calculated using the SIP detailed reaction model (lines in Fig.2) were also in good agreement with the experimental data.

Risako Murai
Risako Murai
Sophia University

Details of contents:
MURAI, Risako, TACHINO, Hiroki, TAKAHASHI, Kazuo, “A Wide Temperature Range Measurement of Ignition Delay Times for SIP Gasoline Using a Heated High-Pressure Shock Tube,” 55th Symposium (Japanese) on Combustion, Toyama International Conference Center, 13th(Mon)-15th(Wed), November, 2017 (Scheduled to date)


Our demonstration using the SIP detailed reaction model built for the gasoline surrogates were able to predict the ignition behavior of real gasolines very precisely in a wide temperature range. We can expect the model to largely contribute to knocking prediction and prevention in the development of super lean burn engines

Kazuo Takahashi Sophia University Associate Professor