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Numerical simulation of the spark channel behavior with secondary electrical circuit model


Lagrangian particles are introduced in 3D CFD code to calculate the spark channel behavior. Secondary electrical circuit model of ignition coil is used to calculate voltage and current at the spark plug.
The spark discharge experiment is conducted at the air charged constant volume vessel. The results shows the calculated spark channel length, voltage and current are in good agreement with experimental results.

Takushi Fujioka
Takushi Fujioka
Okayama University

Details of contents:
KAWAHARA, Nobuyuki, FUJIOKA, Takushi, TOMITA, Eiji:Modeling of the ignition process in a spark-ignition engine, 54th Symposium on Combustion, D344(2016)


Spark channel is elongated by higher turbulent flow, and re-strike of spark discharge is occurred in ultra lean-burn spark-ignition engines. Modeling of the spark discharge behavior and spark discharge energy can contribute to understand the spark discharge process in super-lean burn SI engine .

Nobuyuki Kawahara,Okayama University,Associate Professor