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Influences of Turbulence Scale on Combustion Enhancement


Improvement of burning velocity by in-cylinder flow is important to achieve higher thermal efficiency of gasoline engines by further lean burn technique with EGR. Therefore, influences of turbulence scale on combustion duration and flame shape were investigated in this study.
The combustion durations, especially in initial combustion stage, were reduced by the smaller size of turbulent eddy even at the same turbulence intensity.

Masayoshi Morita
Masayoshi Morita
Kyushu university

Details of contents:
Masayoshi Morita, Takuya Fukushima, Yukinobu Harada,Yukihide Nagano,Toshiaki Kitagawa:Study on Influences of Turbulence Scale on Flame Shape and Combustion Properties under Lean/EGR Condition using Constant Volume Vessel, 2017 JSAE Annual Congress(Spring),192、Yokohama(2017.5)


The effects of turbulence length scale on propagating flames were revealed in this study. Results are useful for the enhancement and modeling of combustion.

Toshiaki Kitagawa Kyushu University, Professor