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Clarification of Cycle-to-cycle Variation of Combustion in Super Lean Burn


The cause of cycle-to-cycle variation of combustion in super lean burn with enhanced tumble flow was examined using fast FID/NDIR and in-cylinder pressure sensor. As a result, the variation of IMEP was found to have strong correlation with the combustion efficiency due to the bulk quench at early expansion stroke.

Toshiki Tatemura
Toshiki Tatemura
Graduate school of Chiba University

Details of contents:
”Cycle-to-cycle Variation Analysis of Combustion in a Lean Burn Gasoline Engine”, the 27th Internal Combustion Engine Symposium, Paper No. 5, 2016, Tokyo, Japan.


In super lean burn, cycle-to-cycle combustion efficiency varies largely, leading to the variation in engine power. The new finding is that the bulk quench at early expansion stroke affects both the combustion efficiency and the power.

Y. Moriyoshi Chiba University Professor