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A study on reduction of cooling loss by water addition in SI engine by using RCEM


The influence of water addition on combustion and heat transfer was investigated by using a rapid compression and expansion machine (RCEM) which can simulate the single combustion cycle of SI engine. Experimental results show that the water addition suppresses knock and decreases local heat flux on the piston top surface.

Ryota Yamada
Ryota Yamada
Tokyo institute of technology

Details of contents:
Ryota Yamada, Susumu Sato and Hidenori Kosaka.“A Study on Reduction of Cooling Loss by Water Addition in SI engine by using Rapid Compression and Expansion Machine”,COMODIA2017


The new concept of the super lean burn coupled with water direct injection was investigated by RCEM. This new combustion is applying to an SIP engine to verify its effect.

Hidenori Kosaka    Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor